DMMapp: Digitized Medieval Manuscripts app

by Sexy Codicology

DMMapp data overview

DMMApp ID Library Data link
501 Dorfarchiv Sils i.E. / Segl View Data
502 Staatsarchiv View Data
503 Archivio parrocchiale View Data
504 Gemeindearchiv Urnäsch View Data
505 Musée historique de Vevey View Data
506 Dokumentationsstelle Oberer Zürichsee View Data
507 Braginsky Collection View Data
508 Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum View Data
509 Lehigh University Digital Library View Data
510 New College of Florida View Data

Welcome to the DMMapp Data Overview page. Here you can browse and search all the data used by the DMMapp. You can browse all the individual items in the database, share them, link to them, and report errors.

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