The DMMapp

Links to Thousands of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts

The DMMapp, or Digitized Medieval Manuscripts app, links to more 300+ digital libraries  home to 20’000+ medieval manuscripts! It’s easy to navigate and is constantly updated being, being based on our crowd-sourced data. You can contribute too!

How is the Standard Map Made?

This map uses Google Maps JavaScript API v3 in combination with Google Fusion Tables and the Sexy Codicology Data. This solution helps us update the map quickly, once we get a new link to a library that contains digitized medieval manuscripts. It also helps us develop a better map everyday, thanks to the versatility of Google’s API.

The “Standard” Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Map’s Development

We have planned further development for this map. Here are the next possibilities we want to implement:

  • Search by Nation and City

We want to let the user select the pins from a single nation or from a single City. Example: you type “England”, and only the Libraries in England show up. Same if you type London.

Added: 17-03-2014

  • Search by Library Name

Ideally, the user should be able to search for a particular library on the map, without having to scroll all around the World to find it. Example: User types “British Library” and is redirected to the exact location.

Added: 02-02-2014

  • Filter by Quantity

We would like to let the user choose which libraries to display, depending on the quantity of digitized objects they have.

  • Share Buttons on the Map

Well… This one should be pretty easy to do.

Added: 04-02-2014

You can follow the development of this map on our blog.

Do you have any other ideas to improve? Or any function you wish we could add to the map? Let us know in the comment section below.

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