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Discover thousands of digitized medieval manuscripts!

The DMMapp (Digitized Medieval Manuscripts App) links to more than 500 libraries in the world. Each one of these contains medieval manuscripts that can be browsed for free. The DMMapp is developed by the Sexy Codicology Team; it is part of the Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Maps (DMMmaps) project.

The DMMmap - The Digitized Medieval Manuscripts map

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The DMMapp data: Searchable, sortable, browesable!

Type anything you please in the searchbox: the name of the library you are searching for, or the country, or maybe the city you are interested in. If your query matches any of our entries, it will appear here!

DMMapp Info

What is the DMMapp?

The DMMapp is an app that links to digital repositories containing digitized western medieval manuscripts.

Who made the DMMapp?

The DMMapp is a project by Giulio Menna, MA, and Marjolein de Vos, MA. It is an open source project and everyone can contribute in its development via GitHub

I love the DMMapp! How can I help?

  • Contribute to the DMMapp

    If you are aware of a missing library on our DMMapp, you can use the "Add a Missing Library" form to let us know. We'll be happy to add it!

  • Donate, or buy yourself something nice!

    We would like to improve the website (transfer to HTTPS, find a better Hosting service, speed up everything.) But we are an independent project without funding. If you have found the DMMapp useful, or you want to support what we do, consider buying us some coffee via Paypal! We'll transform coffee into code! If you are not into donating, but you love manuscripts, check out our RedBubble and Displate shops. A small percentage of what you pay will go to us, so we can buy coffee, and code about codices!

  • Spread the word!

    Tell your friends about us. Link to the DMMap on your blog. Tweet and follow us! Find us on Facebook! Tumblr! Youtube! Pinterest! Flickr! We are everywhere!

  • Help us fix the DMMapp or make something else out of it!

    Got HTML skills? You read CSS and Javascript just like you read Latin written in Beneventan script? You can find all our live code over at Github. Clone, commit, pull. You know the drill! You have an idea that would benefit the DMMapp data? Go ahead!

I would like to base a project on the DMMapp! Can I?

Absolutely! The code is on GitHub, please remember to mention us somewhere!

Where can I contact you?

There is a nice and tidy contact form for that.